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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The last quote is my favorite & the one at times I need the most help with.  I have it written in my kitchen, which seems to be the best place for me especially when I'm running around like a crazy person [over]planning a party or dinner or life.  Really, I can over-plan anything.

These few quotes are surely my favorites as of late.  I always seem to have a few floating around up there helping me remember who & how I want to be to other people.  Popping up in my mind when I most need them-- or after, and then remembering to act differently the next time -- a different time, same situation but I will gracefully concur it with these words floating around in my head. 

Silly and sometimes a little cliche, I just can't help love quotes & elegantly powerful words.  There's beauty in words-- they can speak so softly and yet be so powerful; words can change an outlook, bring about hope & courage, and resonate within someones soul -- those are the kinds of words I love.

Working on-- well lots of things about myself; a constant journey to be a good friend, wife, sister, daughter, nanny, dog mom, .....  Sometimes hard, other times not so, but for me remembering some of my most loved quotes, thinking on them & repeating them over and over in my head -- well, it helps.

Any great words or quotes floating around in your head as of late?   I would love to hear. 


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