you know you're getting older when...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

when you see a movie or movie series remake itself, again-- {Spiderman}{Godzilla}

when you start looking at the 30-year-old zone on the treadmill to find your target heart rate

when getting carded happens more and more infrequently and you're disappointed about it

when your idea of the perfect Friday night consists of homemade pizza, watching a movie, and going to bed before 10 o'clock

you can count on one hand the number of single friends you have

when it takes more than a greasy cheeseburger & fries to cure a hangover -- we're talking 2 or 3 days of pain

when you realize your "new cars" are eight years old and almost paid off! [thankgod]

when all your social media feeds are inundated with: sonograms, 1st birthday pictures, weekly baby bumps, engagement rings, and "date night" pictures

when you wake up without your alarm before 7 o'clock.....on a Saturday

when your fridge/pantry contains items like: almond butter, celery, pretzels, coconut oil, soy milk, kale, whole wheat flour; instead of bagel bites-ramen-whitebread-mac&cheese

the 10 year old girl you nanny for : wasn't alive for 9-11, doesn't know what cassette tapes & players are, & does't know who the Spice Girls & NSYNC were!?

you start doing things in the name of, "before its too late" or "while we're still young & dumb" or "before we have kids"

grey hairs, achy knees, wider hips, slowing metabolism, and forehead wrinkles --all so so depressing

when you starting talking about growing your little family and you're excited/scared out of your mind about it...

An ever growing list- seeing as time does not stop for any.


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