roadside in North Carolina

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Popping up alongside highways & back roads in the summer & fall months in the South; fresh produce stands are quite possibly my favorite places in the world.  They lure you in with their gravel driveway & notsomuchparkinglot, their promise of local produce, watermelons the size of your dog, and hopefully a bag of steaming hot boiled peanuts paired with a glass bottle soda.

A true southern girl, complementing my love for food & cooking-- produce stands lure me in every time.  A must stop when traveling, my family and husband roll their eyes but are silently thankful that they get boiled peanuts out of the pitstop.

We left with squash, zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon, & fresh silver queen corn; oh & two pounds of boiled peanuts.

Summer produce is definitely my favorite.  Colorful, fresh, -- dinners are just better in the summer. Dining al fresco with friends & family; indulging in sweet corn & blueberry pie for dessert.


july miscellany

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

celebrating America! || sunset cruise* || for a spoiled corgi || fig tree inspecting on our nightly walk || fresh cut & screaming "summertime!" || sauté & top with homemade sauce || best fishing day this summer || crisp whites on a weekday dinner date || best day ever || pies for days || read again ||  when in NC

*made for a cute picture, but be warned -- don't sit on the back when cruising.  A sweet little ticket may come your way.  Speaking from personal experience. 


blueberry picking.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to spend the prettiest afternoon in July, ever.  I don't know if I love anything more than the quintessential summer task of picking blueberries, but on a day where the weather is sweeter than these berries, well that's summertime perfection.

I'm talking fresh and clean breezes, zero humidity, blue skies, puffy marshmallow clouds, eighty degrees, -- in the middle of July, in the south, at the beach.  Like I said, perfection.

So what do you do with 10 pounds!? of blueberries?  You eat them, duh.

Is there anything more summer than warm blueberry pie for dessert after a dinner cooked on the grill.  No- the answer is no.

If you're local or visiting, Pungo Blueberries is where I went!  Oh & they have blackberries for picking too!  Going back for those beauties with these blueberry stained fingers real soon!

Happy summer! Happy blueberry season! Happy weekend!


on my mind...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

slipping slowly, back to that not forgotten place
the sad parts of the soul are dangerous, resurfacing out of nowhere
one reason, or another, a battle of a lifetime-- the constant struggle
exhausting, encompassing, overwhelming; giving in seems almost easy

halfway through, at times fast others inchworm slow
no one really gets it.  alone, but that is the consequence
replaying the scene, who was that?
my ocean, full of memories, scars, stories, secrets.
creating this life of mine.

emerging from a quarter-life crisis,
its real, I tell you.
go through it, feel it, be it.
and then learn from it and never be that person again

an ache for my first home
from the pit of my stomach
for the salty, sandy place where pieces of my heart will always stay
for her and for him, tea and time- it slows there, didn't you know?

one day soon it will be the same
and different
I crave it

daydreaming-- cool blue green water, balmy salt air
toes in my favorite sand watching her
a little girl, blonde curls, green eyes, chasing waves
as I did

the lonely hour-- anytime I am not with you
I can survive alone, but who would want to?

summertime sadness, its real.

your turn.

summer weekend.

Monday, July 14, 2014

You know those times in life when you just feel a little more "grown up"?  For us though they may come a little fewer and far between, I had one of those thoughtful moments as I was lazing on the couch Sunday evening; we are truly getting older & you know what, its still fun.  

Finding our balance between work and play, yard work, responsibilities, and good friday night decisions; lets just say our weekend included all those wonderfully grown up things.  

As well as: fresh flounder for dinner! --my new found love for Old Bay & tarter sauce is intense.  A glorious 2&ahalf hour nap on Sunday, a clean ring & a Starbucks date with myself, fresh mowed grass, and peel&eat shrimp, always.  

Oh, and our corgi likes corn on the cob.  whaatttt!?

How was your weekend?



the kinda girl who....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Over the past couple of years I would say, I have become more and more secure in who I am.  A journey of a lifetime, but I'm seeing myself better & liking who this girl is more and more.  Always leaving room for growth, life lessons, and change. 

But for now, a few of the things that make me me, the girl that I am, at the sweet age of 26.

I am the kind of girl who....

....makes a pot of coffee the second I stumble out of bed

....loves fiercely

....reads the books instead of watching the movie

....probably shouldn't drink tequila

....who doesn't have a favorite season-- all are loved differently but passionately

....apologizes first

....over packs - over plans - over thinks

....hates doing laundry & doesn't mind the dishes

....buys flowers for the table, always

....has to have music playing when running, showering, cleaning a hopeless romantic but irrevocably guarded

....holds on to those hurtful words a little too long

....prefers frozen yogurt to ice cream

....who has a fear of not having enough food when hosting a party/dinners

....doesn't have a favorite side of the bed

....who can enjoy lunch, shopping, & going to the movies by herself

....obsesses over her weight

....can keep a secret

....loves dogs -- and notsomuch cats

....likes craft beer and a nice deep cab

....would rather watch Sportscenter while on the treadmill than anything else

....doesn't like confrontation -- and is very bad at it

....who spends too much money on clothes

....loves to run- after the first 3 miles is my favorite

....can't drink caffeine after two in the afternoon

....enjoys grocery shopping, favorite places: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, local farmer's markets


So have you ever made a list like this? What did it look like?  & I think this list is something I will enjoy looking back on, say when I'm 36....eekk.


a summertime backyard.

And even in the dead heat of summer, this is still my favorite place to be.