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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

slipping slowly, back to that not forgotten place
the sad parts of the soul are dangerous, resurfacing out of nowhere
one reason, or another, a battle of a lifetime-- the constant struggle
exhausting, encompassing, overwhelming; giving in seems almost easy

halfway through, at times fast others inchworm slow
no one really gets it.  alone, but that is the consequence
replaying the scene, who was that?
my ocean, full of memories, scars, stories, secrets.
creating this life of mine.

emerging from a quarter-life crisis,
its real, I tell you.
go through it, feel it, be it.
and then learn from it and never be that person again

an ache for my first home
from the pit of my stomach
for the salty, sandy place where pieces of my heart will always stay
for her and for him, tea and time- it slows there, didn't you know?

one day soon it will be the same
and different
I crave it

daydreaming-- cool blue green water, balmy salt air
toes in my favorite sand watching her
a little girl, blonde curls, green eyes, chasing waves
as I did

the lonely hour-- anytime I am not with you
I can survive alone, but who would want to?

summertime sadness, its real.

your turn.

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