summer weekend.

Monday, July 14, 2014

You know those times in life when you just feel a little more "grown up"?  For us though they may come a little fewer and far between, I had one of those thoughtful moments as I was lazing on the couch Sunday evening; we are truly getting older & you know what, its still fun.  

Finding our balance between work and play, yard work, responsibilities, and good friday night decisions; lets just say our weekend included all those wonderfully grown up things.  

As well as: fresh flounder for dinner! --my new found love for Old Bay & tarter sauce is intense.  A glorious 2&ahalf hour nap on Sunday, a clean ring & a Starbucks date with myself, fresh mowed grass, and peel&eat shrimp, always.  

Oh, and our corgi likes corn on the cob.  whaatttt!?

How was your weekend?



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