the kinda girl who....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Over the past couple of years I would say, I have become more and more secure in who I am.  A journey of a lifetime, but I'm seeing myself better & liking who this girl is more and more.  Always leaving room for growth, life lessons, and change. 

But for now, a few of the things that make me me, the girl that I am, at the sweet age of 26.

I am the kind of girl who....

....makes a pot of coffee the second I stumble out of bed

....loves fiercely

....reads the books instead of watching the movie

....probably shouldn't drink tequila

....who doesn't have a favorite season-- all are loved differently but passionately

....apologizes first

....over packs - over plans - over thinks

....hates doing laundry & doesn't mind the dishes

....buys flowers for the table, always

....has to have music playing when running, showering, cleaning a hopeless romantic but irrevocably guarded

....holds on to those hurtful words a little too long

....prefers frozen yogurt to ice cream

....who has a fear of not having enough food when hosting a party/dinners

....doesn't have a favorite side of the bed

....who can enjoy lunch, shopping, & going to the movies by herself

....obsesses over her weight

....can keep a secret

....loves dogs -- and notsomuch cats

....likes craft beer and a nice deep cab

....would rather watch Sportscenter while on the treadmill than anything else

....doesn't like confrontation -- and is very bad at it

....who spends too much money on clothes

....loves to run- after the first 3 miles is my favorite

....can't drink caffeine after two in the afternoon

....enjoys grocery shopping, favorite places: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, local farmer's markets


So have you ever made a list like this? What did it look like?  & I think this list is something I will enjoy looking back on, say when I'm 36....eekk.



  1. Oh I like this!! Also, I love grocery shipping too and I know so many people who hate it!

  2. I think this list just about sums you up...but you left off that you are my forever bestie :) love you lady!