grateful this morning.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

for the deep merlot my nails are painted and the flip flop tan on my feet -- two seasons collide, eager for fall and yet still latched onto summer -- late august at its finest.

for locks and sunflowers on the table.

for sore legs and the nervous confidence slowly creeping in -- a month until race day

for the feeling after getting your hair done -- refreshed and beautiful

for windows down, car ridding weather

for trader joe's goodies : fresh peaches, Italian olive oil, aged goat cheese, sunflower seeds, pea shoots, and a bottle of Viognier -- the bare necessities

for college game day on my TV and the very important meaning it brings: football season, is back

for impulse purchases, trading in chores for relaxation, and fresh seasonal fruit-- simple joys

for adventure and travel and friendships -- Mexico, we cannot wait to meet you

happy saturday and happy long weekend.



my least favorite part of summer

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This tree, let me tell you -- colorful blooms yes, but yielding a rather disgustingly icky squish under your feet once they fall to the ground is not my favorite.  Of course this tree happens to be right next to the gate entering into our backyard & where we hide our ugly but necessary trash cans.  So I must step on said squishy disgustingness daily during the summertime months.

I've mutter a few not-so-nice words to this tree, even daring to cut her down -- but don't worry thats just the frustration talking, the tree will be here longer than we will I'm sure.

So for now-- there are only a few more weeks left to endure this beautiful yet messy blessing of nature and of that I am thankful.

Still loving these last few bits of late summer -- but this tree, she makes me a little crazy{er} sometimes.


august miscellany

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

yacht spotting comes easy here || a crustless summer pie for dinner || backyard friend || weekend stop || making waves || happy hour on a saturday || summer storms make for lazy girls || from moms garden to mine || had me hypnotized || iced coffee afternoons || still can't believe I get to call this city home || first signs- she's on her way ||


third & fourth island

Monday, August 18, 2014

out in the Chesapeake bay, halfway across to the eastern shore -- the third & fourth islands connecting the bay bridge tunnel but really a great place to do some late summer fishing.  

calm and peaceful, and yet exciting -- surrounded by fellow fisherman, pelicans, and the occasional sea turtle.   being out in the bay is quiet possibly the best part of living here in this beach city.  an  escape for the day, always leaving us full of tired happiness and sunburns.


fish tacos & mango slaw

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Almost as common "margarita saturday" -- "fish taco" day has become a weekly occurance ever since our freeze was blessed with twenty pounds of mahi mahi --coastal living at its finest.  

My favorite way to eat them: topped with my husbands homemade mango slaw, cotija cheese*, a drizzle of crema*, and fresh cilantro.  Add a corona and you have yourself tropical perfection and if want to make it extra fun-- a fresh margarita pairs even better!

Mango slaw
One container or bag of cabbage mix{purple&green}roughly chopped, then add one cut up mango, the juice of 3 limes, 3 tablespoons of sugar, a handful of cilantro, and season with salt and pepper to taste.  Mix all together & enjoy topped on fish tacos.

*cotija cheese may be hard to find-- while I can almost always count on Whole Foods to have it, I have never been able to find it anywhere else.  As for the "crema", this might not be the real way to make it, but I just whisk 3 tablespoons of sour cream with 2 tablespoons of cream{or milk}.  


birthday celebrating.

Monday, August 11, 2014

celebrating, especially birthdays, is something we are pretty great at -- & turning one day of celebrations into a weekend full of it, is just our norm.

friday : fish tacos with peel&eat shrimp for dinner per our freezer full of fresh seafood-- the mango slaw my husband makes is seriously the best ever.

saturday : a little fishing out in the bay -- he caught a flounder & I got seasick.  you win some you lose some.  also a dinner date with good friends for sushi & sake.

sunday : a little yard work with the reward of lunch on the boat-- turned into beachin' for hours - enjoying august's best day yet.  ending the day at home, cozy with pizza and birthday cake.

celebrating all weekend long, because a monday birthday is just plain silly.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and husband-- life with you is just more fun.


grateful this morning.

Friday, August 8, 2014

for hazy summer mornings, a lingering cup of coffee and the time to enjoy it all

for progress; in all forms -- body, mind, and spirit.

for being less than a month away from our much anticipated, 3-years-in-the-making, trip to Mexico

for the way it feels after a good run

for the corgi whose new favorite word is w-a-l-k

for fancy straws, fresh herbs in mason jars, and lemon wedges -- its the little things.

for summer evenings with a breeze

for the joy in celebrating birthdays, especially my husbands