grateful this morning.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

for the deep merlot my nails are painted and the flip flop tan on my feet -- two seasons collide, eager for fall and yet still latched onto summer -- late august at its finest.

for locks and sunflowers on the table.

for sore legs and the nervous confidence slowly creeping in -- a month until race day

for the feeling after getting your hair done -- refreshed and beautiful

for windows down, car ridding weather

for trader joe's goodies : fresh peaches, Italian olive oil, aged goat cheese, sunflower seeds, pea shoots, and a bottle of Viognier -- the bare necessities

for college game day on my TV and the very important meaning it brings: football season, is back

for impulse purchases, trading in chores for relaxation, and fresh seasonal fruit-- simple joys

for adventure and travel and friendships -- Mexico, we cannot wait to meet you

happy saturday and happy long weekend.



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