my least favorite part of summer

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This tree, let me tell you -- colorful blooms yes, but yielding a rather disgustingly icky squish under your feet once they fall to the ground is not my favorite.  Of course this tree happens to be right next to the gate entering into our backyard & where we hide our ugly but necessary trash cans.  So I must step on said squishy disgustingness daily during the summertime months.

I've mutter a few not-so-nice words to this tree, even daring to cut her down -- but don't worry thats just the frustration talking, the tree will be here longer than we will I'm sure.

So for now-- there are only a few more weeks left to endure this beautiful yet messy blessing of nature and of that I am thankful.

Still loving these last few bits of late summer -- but this tree, she makes me a little crazy{er} sometimes.


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