Wednesday, September 17, 2014

oh mexico -- seven days of pure bliss; coming down from that high will take some time I think.

Our time in Mexico was truly wonderful; we enjoyed every relaxing and exciting moment of this vacation -- tropical drinks, bottomless margaritas, or a cold cerveza{beer}in hand at most times; relaxing in bali beds or on our patio in robes and slippers; laying in the sun or sitting at the swim up bar.

Walks along the beach for pictures and coral, amazing dinners every night which always included dessert, a memorable tequila tasting, an experience of a lifetime swimming in underground caves, delicious food and no care in the world about eating way too much.

A little romance & a lot of fun-- being able to spend this time with my husband, great friends, including one of my best girlfriends ever -- is truly a memorable trip of a lifetime, of that I am sure.  Seven days spent in the tropical Riviera Maya, is the best way I know how to say a sweet goodbye to summer.  Easing into fall with with a nice tan is just a small perk.

tips: the tequila with the worm is horrible- just say no || not hungry because you gorged yourself on breakfast- too bad eat anyways, you're on vacation || befriend your pool bartender- he will make you the best drinks ever || watch where you step, the iguanas do bite || wear sunscreen, except for your last day || get room service || take 1000 pictures - you're in Mexico || Go swim/explore the cenotes of this region for an undeniably stunning experience || try the hot sauce, cautiously ||  Go with your best friends-- it will truly make your vacation that much more wonderful!

We stayed at the El Dorado Royale resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico -- & we absolutely recommend it!

We relaxed and played everyday, ate too much, drank just enough, and loved every minute of our time in Mexico -- it was truly the best vacation ever.


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