picking -- fall is for pumpkin

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Picking is truly the quintessential seasonal experience -- Strawberries in Spring.  Summertime is for blueberries.  Flats and flats of blueberries, to make pies & eat on top of everything.  Its hot, you sweat, your fingers turn blue; but its summer and you revel in the season by picking those berries and you enjoy it.  At Christmastime -- you go wrapped up in scarves, filled with holiday joy and the hope that your twinkle lights from last year still work[fingers crossed] & you pick out the biggest & best tree in the lot! or at least one that will fit in your front door.

I've always loved the nostalgia of going "picking" -- blueberry, pumpkin, apple, strawberry, christmas tree; there is just something so dreamy about the whole experience. I swear, my childlike season loving heart, grows three sizes on those days.

And so today, on a crisp afternoon in mid October, I went to the pumpkin patch, to pick.

And my heart is still recovering.


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