rain & sun

Friday, October 24, 2014

the leaves are changing and we're still putting pumpkin in everything -- one day is shorts and flip flops and the next is boots and sweaters, october here is lovely.

enjoying : gone girl, as in-- I can't put it down.  neighborhood walks with my girl, taking in autumn & chasing squirrels. flannel scarves and soft corgi ears. rainy windows and the chill in the air.  the good with the bad, enjoying it all.

a little therapy needed this week-- a few new books, lots of good hard running, and cookies with pumpkin, pecans, and chocolate chips -- magic I tell you.

eager & happy for a weekend with family -- and simply grateful for the man I call my husband-- my rock, my forever best friend, and truest love. what my life would look like without you, I am thankful to never know.

happy weekend friends,



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