Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yesterday I turned 27.  And I must admit-- getting older never felt so good or refreshing, while also surreal.  I've learned a lot of hard lessons the past couple of years.  So for me 27 feels like a fresh new age to {hopefully} glide into a different life phase or really, just not make the same silly mistakes I have in the past.  I am human this I know; stumbles, rough waters are indefinite-- but having the wisdom, maturity, and grace to concur and endure -- is how I hope to take on 27 and beyond.

My day started and ended in the same spot--in bed, both scenes looking relatively similar.  Corgi, coffee/tea {in new Birthday mug}, computer/mags/podcasts!, candles, warm comfy blanket -- all simple creature comforts that make me silly happy and peaceful.

The calls! the texts! shout outs on social media! the presents!  I was rottenly spoiled with birthday love and well wishes-- and it felt great. Silly & rather childish to get so excited about your own birthday, but I've been like this for twenty-seven years & I guess it is who I am-- but! I am doing better, honest! -- only celebrating my birthday this week instead of next as well-- progress is progress ;)

And so THANK YOU! for making me feel loved, truly.

I have to brag for a minute -- my husband is out of town this week, but this man of mine sent me a message at 12:40 am{the minute I was born} and SANG me Happy Birthday-- the entire song.  Oh yes he did.  Of course I cried, it was the sweetest moment of the day.  He rocks.
We have plans this weekend to celebrate, and I'm excited.  AND  the celebrations continue because the majority of my closets/best friends are November babies.  So celebrate we will!

cheese alert : Maybe its because my birthday is tucked into this season, but this is truly my favorite time of the year!

oh & check out the podcast, SERIAL.  Totally addicted.



  1. What a sweet birthday, I hope 27 brings you so much greatness and that you glide gracefully into the next step of your life!

    The Night is Wild

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Since our birthdays are so close to Thanksgiving I seriously feel like the birthday celebration for November babies continues all the way through Thanksgivings - right?! Cheers to another fantastic year!!