thanksgiving holiday

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

these days moved quick -- but when you spend them with the people you love most, that is the way it goes.

the traditions of our island thanksgiving : oysters+turkey, sunset watching on the dock, full bellies & laughs with the craziest siblings and good hearted people around.

filling our time with : post turkey+pie run's and walks on the beach, nightly naps by the fireplace, football watching with dad, coffee drinking & long sweet conversations with mom not by phone, an evening with best friends, lots of fishing{for him}, and a little shopping{for me}; sunsets and sunrises on my favorite island my first home.

simply thankful, for all of it.



  1. Oh my gosh I am totally east coast sick right now! These photos were just what I needed.

  2. Love the beach scenes. I am craving oysters this winter. We always go out and get some around Christmas. I hope we continue it this year!