january miscellany

Friday, January 30, 2015

new year! new boots! shark+lizard || my family of three || anthro finds || lunch dates at Chick-fil-A are so awesome || january sidewalks || Friday dinner prep || mastering down dog & warrior one || I'm better at sending Valentine cards || snow on her birthday! || for the football partayyy || longest braid since I can remember ||


taking stock. {january}

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

making: lists, always.  Weekly to-do lists, Target shopping lists, grocery lists, Super bowl food lists, Spring-is-coming lists!  I'm a list girl, can you tell?  I love them. They help to keep my erratic and obsessive mind at ease.  

drinking: at the moment, coffee.  But warm lemon water is next and I am embarrassed to admit I stop by Starbucks almost daily to get their new pineapple kona herbal tea.  Try it! 

wanting: new running shores-- it is actually more of a need at this point.  And if I'm being honest, I'm desperately wanting one of everything at Lululemon-- or for now I'll just take this scarf please.

watching: the sunrise through my front door.  Its the best view, every winter morning, a special gift for me.  Beautiful, refreshing; the best way to start my day.

listening: to generic pop-y radio lately.  The teenage girl inside of me is having a blast.   Iggy Azalea, Justin Timberlake, and Dubstep Pandora stations are on serious rotation as of late-- see also, "not sure what kind of phase that means I'm in" 

eating:lots and lots of soups and large salads -- I made a pot of buffalo chicken soup last night & lately I chop up all different kinds of salad toppings & put out a big bowl of lettuce and we have a "create your own salad" dinner.  Its fun, we try to see who can make the biggest & best creations-- I always win.

smelling: White Gardenia candle in my living room-- And Mango Peach Salsa in our media room.  Business in the front, party in the back.  Just how we like it. 

wishing: for snow-- there I said it!  Just a dusting; enough to cancel school/work for the day, enough to play in, enough to be able to drive the next day, enough to give my winter heart a happy beat, and then we can hop right on into Spring!

enjoying: small things-- mugs of coffee, talks with mom, snuggling with the corgi, lunches out, weekends unplanned-- finding the joy in simple daily life is the key to happiness, or at least I think so.

loving: my crazy husband & my spoiled dog-- lazy weekends and evenings with them on our cozy couch is what I live for right now.  Moments where I wish time could just stand still, those moments, take my breath away.

hoping: to see my family and my island soon-- also hoping to get out to Texas to visit family & go to the rodeo!?

needing: my hair done-- like hellooooo roots, I see you & those pesky gray wispy's, I see those too.  oh and while I'm being superficial, I need a tan too.  stat.  

feeling: like EVERYONE is pregnant. 

wearing: my new lizard skin cowboy boots!!! all dayy errryyyday. lovelovelove, even when they {still kinda} hurt my feet.

bookmarking: game day food recipes! We're hosting a Super Bowl party this year & I am super excited![pun intended] Homemade cheesy chili dip, Oreo truffles, cake batter chocolate chip cookies, Sparkling fruit sangria, crockpot meatballs....just to name a few. Go Seahawks!


celebrate the gray

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Winter!! aren't you just loving this weather?! -- said no one ever.  Unless you live in Florida or somewhere tropical & in that case I am feeling exactly what you want me to feel.  Jealous. Very very jealous.

So yes-- its January, which means lots of days are cold and gray and rainy and dark-- and when the weather is like that, it just sucks the life right out of me.  On those days I look forward to diving back into my sweatpants and fuzzy gold slippers the second I leave them -- and just veging-out on my couch with my corgi while watching Netflix, hibernating from the world and winter.

Not depression -- just winter.  I know we all feel it and I'm exaggerating a tad but truly this season is harder than the rest for me.  In winters past I have fallen victim to sadder days{weeks/months} succumbing to the cold and bluesyness Winter so begrudgingly brings with her.  But this year! I have come into this season prepared.  With tactics & tricks up my sleeve to celebrate winter instead of letting her defeat me.

....Watch a Winter sunrise or sunset.  The beauty is undeniable-- one of winter's true greats.

...Buy a few new candles: fresh, clean, calming scents-- & light them any time of the day...

...Start fresh with a clean house.  Christmas decor gone and put away until next year.  Bare but beautiful, I say.

...Do or start a project! preferably one that has been sitting on your "to-do" list for quite some time.  It feels pretty darn amazing when you start the year & cross some procrastinating thing off that proverbial to-do list... even better, when its a job your husband can do! spark plugs changed- check! Hallelujah.

...Plan a party, go visit friends, sign up for a race, plan a trip!-- look forward to things, the excitement alone is fun.  We're doing all four!

...Go to the gym, a lot.  I know I know, everyone is there too-- getting their resolutions on, stealing your locker, not seeing the invisible sign on your treadmill -- but I promise its worth it.  I try to go at least five days a week if I can.  Its good for you-- mind, body, spirit....booty.

...Treat yourself.  With a hot tea in the middle of the day or a bouquet of tulips from Trader Joe's.  or for heaven's sake something from Lululemon.

...Eat well.  Fruits and veggies, hot tea, and healthy comfort food-- soups, stews, & roasts.  Oh and warm lemon water.  Just try it- delicious and so so so so so good for you.

...Relish in the cold blustery "there's nothing we can do outside" weather with a weekend inside.  Stay in comfy clothes, watch movies, eat pizza!, snuggle, read a book, watch football, drink wine!  Be lazy & do nothing! Cause you know when Spring comes that backyard will need mowing, and plants replanted, and the sidewalk power washed, and weeds pulled, and ....well you get the idea.  relish in the lazy, while you can.

So tell me, how will do you battle the gray's of winter?  I would love to know.


grateful this morning.

Friday, January 9, 2015

....for the change just in one years time, completely mind boggling.

....for diving into & putting to work new year's goals{not resolutions} already! I'm looking at you comfort zones!

....winter sunrises -- possibly my favorite kind, with my corgi and steaming mug of coffee porch side, preferably.

....for coming back to a book{the Goldfinch} for the third time and it finally feeling right; we just needed to find our timing.

...for new cowboy boots & the fuzzy gold slippers that replace them in the evenings

....for the simple comforts and small joys this week: playing CLUE at work, seeing and hearing all her Christmas excitement, chunky knit scarves, and new herbal tea's at Starbucks, red noses from bitter winter days, and the biggest pot of vegetable beef stew to warm us from them

....for the refreshing look and feel January brings; to my house, to my mind, and to my heart--such goodness in beginnings.

....for upcoming plans & new adventures!-- the endless possibilities of them all are making this life of mine full & happy.  is there no better kind?

the first full week of the new year-- in and of itself was full of wonder.  a fresh start, a hopeful nod to the new, its my favorite thing about january.  mid winter beauty is in full effect-- seeing it in new light this time around & liking what I see.

I hope you truly have a wonderful weekend.


here's to

Monday, January 5, 2015

Twenty fifteen! you're here-- and I'm excited.

a list of sorts, to what I hope this new year brings--
Not a resolution, but an opportunity --  for growth, change, adventure, & as always a little bit more fun!

so here's to!

more:  miles / presence / lemon water / faith / talking with God / seafood / books / joy, always / saving / relationship nurturing / travel / health / sunrises / contentment / just because's / lipstick / romance / yoga / beach / patience / family / new recipes / love.

less:  fear / booze / spending / guilt / comfort zones / vanity / mindless phone use / control / dairy / rules / sweat pants / anxiety / indulgence / self.

what are your goals or resolutions for this new year looking like?  I would love to hear.

last years goals- from 2014

ok January, ready-set-go!