celebrate the gray

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Winter!! aren't you just loving this weather?! -- said no one ever.  Unless you live in Florida or somewhere tropical & in that case I am feeling exactly what you want me to feel.  Jealous. Very very jealous.

So yes-- its January, which means lots of days are cold and gray and rainy and dark-- and when the weather is like that, it just sucks the life right out of me.  On those days I look forward to diving back into my sweatpants and fuzzy gold slippers the second I leave them -- and just veging-out on my couch with my corgi while watching Netflix, hibernating from the world and winter.

Not depression -- just winter.  I know we all feel it and I'm exaggerating a tad but truly this season is harder than the rest for me.  In winters past I have fallen victim to sadder days{weeks/months} succumbing to the cold and bluesyness Winter so begrudgingly brings with her.  But this year! I have come into this season prepared.  With tactics & tricks up my sleeve to celebrate winter instead of letting her defeat me.

....Watch a Winter sunrise or sunset.  The beauty is undeniable-- one of winter's true greats.

...Buy a few new candles: fresh, clean, calming scents-- & light them any time of the day...

...Start fresh with a clean house.  Christmas decor gone and put away until next year.  Bare but beautiful, I say.

...Do or start a project! preferably one that has been sitting on your "to-do" list for quite some time.  It feels pretty darn amazing when you start the year & cross some procrastinating thing off that proverbial to-do list... even better, when its a job your husband can do! spark plugs changed- check! Hallelujah.

...Plan a party, go visit friends, sign up for a race, plan a trip!-- look forward to things, the excitement alone is fun.  We're doing all four!

...Go to the gym, a lot.  I know I know, everyone is there too-- getting their resolutions on, stealing your locker, not seeing the invisible sign on your treadmill -- but I promise its worth it.  I try to go at least five days a week if I can.  Its good for you-- mind, body, spirit....booty.

...Treat yourself.  With a hot tea in the middle of the day or a bouquet of tulips from Trader Joe's.  or for heaven's sake something from Lululemon.

...Eat well.  Fruits and veggies, hot tea, and healthy comfort food-- soups, stews, & roasts.  Oh and warm lemon water.  Just try it- delicious and so so so so so good for you.

...Relish in the cold blustery "there's nothing we can do outside" weather with a weekend inside.  Stay in comfy clothes, watch movies, eat pizza!, snuggle, read a book, watch football, drink wine!  Be lazy & do nothing! Cause you know when Spring comes that backyard will need mowing, and plants replanted, and the sidewalk power washed, and weeds pulled, and ....well you get the idea.  relish in the lazy, while you can.

So tell me, how will do you battle the gray's of winter?  I would love to know.


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