grateful this morning.

Friday, January 9, 2015

....for the change just in one years time, completely mind boggling.

....for diving into & putting to work new year's goals{not resolutions} already! I'm looking at you comfort zones!

....winter sunrises -- possibly my favorite kind, with my corgi and steaming mug of coffee porch side, preferably.

....for coming back to a book{the Goldfinch} for the third time and it finally feeling right; we just needed to find our timing.

...for new cowboy boots & the fuzzy gold slippers that replace them in the evenings

....for the simple comforts and small joys this week: playing CLUE at work, seeing and hearing all her Christmas excitement, chunky knit scarves, and new herbal tea's at Starbucks, red noses from bitter winter days, and the biggest pot of vegetable beef stew to warm us from them

....for the refreshing look and feel January brings; to my house, to my mind, and to my heart--such goodness in beginnings.

....for upcoming plans & new adventures!-- the endless possibilities of them all are making this life of mine full & happy.  is there no better kind?

the first full week of the new year-- in and of itself was full of wonder.  a fresh start, a hopeful nod to the new, its my favorite thing about january.  mid winter beauty is in full effect-- seeing it in new light this time around & liking what I see.

I hope you truly have a wonderful weekend.


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