taking stock. {january}

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

making: lists, always.  Weekly to-do lists, Target shopping lists, grocery lists, Super bowl food lists, Spring-is-coming lists!  I'm a list girl, can you tell?  I love them. They help to keep my erratic and obsessive mind at ease.  

drinking: at the moment, coffee.  But warm lemon water is next and I am embarrassed to admit I stop by Starbucks almost daily to get their new pineapple kona herbal tea.  Try it! 

wanting: new running shores-- it is actually more of a need at this point.  And if I'm being honest, I'm desperately wanting one of everything at Lululemon-- or for now I'll just take this scarf please.

watching: the sunrise through my front door.  Its the best view, every winter morning, a special gift for me.  Beautiful, refreshing; the best way to start my day.

listening: to generic pop-y radio lately.  The teenage girl inside of me is having a blast.   Iggy Azalea, Justin Timberlake, and Dubstep Pandora stations are on serious rotation as of late-- see also, "not sure what kind of phase that means I'm in" 

eating:lots and lots of soups and large salads -- I made a pot of buffalo chicken soup last night & lately I chop up all different kinds of salad toppings & put out a big bowl of lettuce and we have a "create your own salad" dinner.  Its fun, we try to see who can make the biggest & best creations-- I always win.

smelling: White Gardenia candle in my living room-- And Mango Peach Salsa in our media room.  Business in the front, party in the back.  Just how we like it. 

wishing: for snow-- there I said it!  Just a dusting; enough to cancel school/work for the day, enough to play in, enough to be able to drive the next day, enough to give my winter heart a happy beat, and then we can hop right on into Spring!

enjoying: small things-- mugs of coffee, talks with mom, snuggling with the corgi, lunches out, weekends unplanned-- finding the joy in simple daily life is the key to happiness, or at least I think so.

loving: my crazy husband & my spoiled dog-- lazy weekends and evenings with them on our cozy couch is what I live for right now.  Moments where I wish time could just stand still, those moments, take my breath away.

hoping: to see my family and my island soon-- also hoping to get out to Texas to visit family & go to the rodeo!?

needing: my hair done-- like hellooooo roots, I see you & those pesky gray wispy's, I see those too.  oh and while I'm being superficial, I need a tan too.  stat.  

feeling: like EVERYONE is pregnant. 

wearing: my new lizard skin cowboy boots!!! all dayy errryyyday. lovelovelove, even when they {still kinda} hurt my feet.

bookmarking: game day food recipes! We're hosting a Super Bowl party this year & I am super excited![pun intended] Homemade cheesy chili dip, Oreo truffles, cake batter chocolate chip cookies, Sparkling fruit sangria, crockpot meatballs....just to name a few. Go Seahawks!


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  1. Loved this post!! And I totally am there with you, except I feel like my FB is FLOODED with babies. Too soon! I can't wait to try that tea at Starbucks!