february miscellany

Saturday, February 28, 2015

february hues || my heartbeat, still || for my Valentines || friday! || instead of giving myself flowers || weekend breakfast || he surprised me || brunch is my love language || walking on ice || we like winter, sometimes || for when you have cabin fever || I have loved watching her grow up || east coast snow

lots of brunching, lots of snow, and a little bit of love thrown in between-- I've snubbed February all month long, aching for the warmer days ahead.  But this month wasn't so bad after all-- now that it's over.  


on a snow day

Friday, February 27, 2015

When I wake up to six inches of snow on a Thursday the only plan in my mind is how much coffee is acceptable, when can I switch to a glass of wine, & is there anything new on Netflix?  But this snowy Thursday Chris woke up with a different plan.  An itch for adventure and to get out of the house, because these snow days-- are becoming a regular occurrence and we are over it.

Both with cabin fever, he was feeling brave and I was feeling hungry-- so we bundled up & headed out in the snow, which was really just a lot of slushy mush -- our city is becoming pretty good at this whole snow-on-the-roads thing.

Breakfast at our new favorite place{Big Sam's- best Pancakes ever! their bloody's & mimosas are great too} and a drive down the oceanfront where lots of people had the same idea -- see also, cabin fever has hit everyone hard.

The rest of our snow day was wonderful and quiet.  Cozy on the couch, where we caught up on some oscar winning movies.  His favorite-- Whiplash : My favorite -- Big Hero 6.

These snow days, although a bit of an annoyance have been nice and surely memorable. And all in all I've really enjoyed them, but like everyone else, I am so over Winter and February and snow.  Bring on warmer days, sunshine, and Spring!

Three more weeks of winter-- we can make it!!



on my table.

Monday, February 23, 2015

lovely and cheerful inside, because outside is quite the opposite
five more weeks of winter
because everyone is counting 
until then, tulips on the table
and snow in the forecast 
hibernating continues, while impatiently waiting for Spring


all the sprinkles

Friday, February 20, 2015

I came to a sweet little realization the other day{pun intended}that as of late, all of the baking I have done recently has been at least three things: 1)Easy 2)Sprinkle Filled 3)Addicting & Delicious -- Consequently why I've logged lots of miles over the past couple of months as well...

Truly not on purpose, but subconsciously I believe my mood and attitude has been portrayed through what I've been baking --> Sprinkles in everything = happiness.

Its colorful confetti, bite-sized sweetness -- is helping me endure this winter season.  Its 10 degrees outside right now-- just fyi.

All recipes from Sally's Baking Addiction -- her blog is a true favorite. 

Another thing I love about sprinkles is their ability to turn "on a Tuesday" baked goods into Valentine's Day or St. Patricks Day holiday treats.  Magic I tell you.   I can always count on Target, specifically their holiday section, to fuel my sprinkle obsession.   Meaning, you should see my ever-growing collection, just silly.  I've been hiding jars in the back of our pantry so my husband doesn't see how sprinkle crazy I'm becoming.

Sprinkles just seem to make things fun-festive-cheerful--- & who doesn't love a little bit of that?!

so, what's your favorite sprinkle filled recipe?


first snowfall

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our first true snowfall of twenty fifteen-- eagerly anticipated, happily received.  But in truth, snowy pictures look better with blue skies & and warming temperatures, at least to me.  And so on day two, still enjoying the pause from daily life but also ready for normalcy and routine, human nature at its finest.  So until tomorrow-- or the day after,  let the hibernating & coffee drinking continue.
And an iPhone selfie because when its snows that's what you do. Also Corgi photo bomb's are the cutest.



Friday, February 13, 2015

Moments, gestures, and occasions; even sights and sounds -- there are certain special things that make my heart beat just a little bit faster...

And now seems as good of a time as any to share them with you --

....belting Tswift at the top of my lungs with my favorite almost middle-schooler in the back seat; she makes me feel fun & young-- I hope I make her feel loved.

....a dogs floppy tongue and happy head hanging out a car window

....receiving handwritten notes in the mail

....the sound of corks popping

....the smell of freshly fallen snow

....Sprinkles! preferably of the rainbow variety

....bouquets of fresh flowers -- tulips as of late

....roadside stands and the obligatory stopping and boiled peanuts that come with them

....the hug from a toddler

....James Taylor -- specifically, "how sweet it is to be loved by you"

....Spring styles-- and the shopping that follows

....heart shaped donuts-- really anything heart shaped...

....coffee dates -- with your girlfriends, your husband, or just yourself

....mountain cabin getaway's

....just because's

...black and white photos

....cooking dinner together, with fresh delicious & rather decadent ingredients-- and wine, of course

lets all love a little bit more, shall we?
happy valentine's day.