all the sprinkles

Friday, February 20, 2015

I came to a sweet little realization the other day{pun intended}that as of late, all of the baking I have done recently has been at least three things: 1)Easy 2)Sprinkle Filled 3)Addicting & Delicious -- Consequently why I've logged lots of miles over the past couple of months as well...

Truly not on purpose, but subconsciously I believe my mood and attitude has been portrayed through what I've been baking --> Sprinkles in everything = happiness.

Its colorful confetti, bite-sized sweetness -- is helping me endure this winter season.  Its 10 degrees outside right now-- just fyi.

All recipes from Sally's Baking Addiction -- her blog is a true favorite. 

Another thing I love about sprinkles is their ability to turn "on a Tuesday" baked goods into Valentine's Day or St. Patricks Day holiday treats.  Magic I tell you.   I can always count on Target, specifically their holiday section, to fuel my sprinkle obsession.   Meaning, you should see my ever-growing collection, just silly.  I've been hiding jars in the back of our pantry so my husband doesn't see how sprinkle crazy I'm becoming.

Sprinkles just seem to make things fun-festive-cheerful--- & who doesn't love a little bit of that?!

so, what's your favorite sprinkle filled recipe?


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