Monday, February 2, 2015

football party prep, with a dash of casual weekending -- a little relaxation and a little fun -- our two favorite things.

Friday--Superbowl groceries because food shopping is kinda my favorite; ending the day and work week with margaritas, chips, & guac to celebrate the return of the Mexican restaurant minutes from our house, dangerous to say the least.  A coffee date, new jeans for him, and a trip to Whole Foods-- I shop & he has a beer-- us in our elements I suppose.  Cookie baking, movie watching, and house tidying to round out our Saturday.  Welcoming February and the last Sunday of football --at least for a while, celebrated with a party!  A fun evening with friends, football, & too much game time food; American tradition at its finest.

I enjoyed every moment of this weekend-- a goal of mine as of late.  Not rushing through, not just checking items off a list.  But taking the time to pause, breath, and enjoy each hour of the day -- being present and joyful, and this weekend was full of doing just that.


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