grateful this morning.

Friday, March 13, 2015

for this sweet friday morning-- before the day starts, before the sun is up.  coffee, candle, and a snoozing corgi-- now while the sun is rising, so is my spirit.  my devotion this morning(Romans 8) struck me hard, I love when that happens...

for basketball.  the excitement and fun it brings to March is so welcomed. Go Duke!

for small joys this week: homemade dinners and table sitting, a clean car, hot coffee, leave your jacket at home days, fresh cilantro on everything, this book, an unexpected note from a friend, and new running socks.

for upcoming plans! trips! and fun!

for my growing ability to see through darkness and find the light...

for running legs and this hobby that has changed my life and brought so much joy.  also for our shamrock in' weekend coming up, always, always a good time.

for little moments with her this week: after-school Panera date, UP-TOWN funkin' it with the windows down, sidewalk chalk and chatting about somethings and nothings and the like...

for Spring Forward, lone daffodils, pink buds, the sun on my face, greening grass, warm afternoons, flip flop weather!

for his kiss on my cheek, his hand in my hand-- my love for him is irrevocable, even after all this time, and that I think, he feels the same, indescribable.

for the white wine chilling, frozen fish thawing, and that today is friday and fish tacos are for dinner!

happy Friday - happy weekend


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