on my mind

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

on a Monday- fresh start, a new week
sun peeking through gray clouds
snow melting{finally} rain drops fading
early march- still winter, closer though
spinning in circles, the monotony, day in day out
spiraling down, picking things back up
arranging, only to be broken down again
forward, the only place to look
behind will get you nowhere
living in the hazy fog of past and "how things used to be"
debilitating, depressing, detrimental
change is hard, but staying in one place is even harder
passions waning, feeling like a broken record
a revolving door of boring
lacking spirit, inspiration, creativity
on a journey to find her again
or just wake her from hibernation
rebirth, renew, and warmer days ahead
I can't help but smile and see where they lead
the promise in seasons, our promise in Him
His love, His grace, His mercy
never fading.
my faith is a journey, but He is with me every step and stumble of my way
a servant's heart, a humble wife, a woman of God
with an unwavering faith -- are the desires & prayers of my heart
an Easter celebration to come-- preparing my heart and mind
anticipating it like never before, which must be a good sign

prayer-thankfulness-self grace-finding faith and strength- ready for change:
life and purpose in the midst of dishes and dust
a blue sky now, clouds turned to wisps
a beautiful day awaits


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