taking stock {march}

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Making: Easter baskets and spring break plans 
Cooking: dinner at least five nights a week-- a huge success in my book.
Drinking: Starbucks sugar free vanilla Americano's- can't stop-won't stop.
Reading: food/baking blogs, lots as of late--- a budding passion I suppose?
Knowing: God's timing is perfect
Wanting: colorful patio decor and a big charcoal grill
Looking: for a spring dress, strappy sandals, and a summer tote bag-- and a great bikini, always.
Playing: with Playdoh. the other night with our godson, it occupied all three of us for hours; so relieved it still smells the same
Wasting: time looking at my phone
Wishing: my baby brother the Happiest of Birthday's! 20 years of being a big sister and him still having the best hair in our family.
Enjoying: March Madness!! Go DUKE!!
Waiting: for Chris to get home
Liking: Bud-light. I know I know, I surprised/ashamed too.
Wondering: when the warm temperatures will be here to stay?
Loving: 27, its a good age
Hoping: for fruitful gardens this year.  Seen also as, hoping to remember to water them
Marveling: at my love for this beach city.  Celebrating four years this March, and I cannot see myself living anywhere else.
Needing: more grace and faith
Smelling: dinner.  Chicken enchilada soup magically coming together in the crockpot. This wondrous invention, simultaneously making me feel efficient, domestic, and hungry all at the same time.
Wearing: neon! flipflops! and sunglasses! any chance I get
Following: the highway down to 70 degrees and family
Noticing: more blooms, more green, more smiles
Knowing: when you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing.  my mantra/reminder as of late, and for life
Thinking: about my grocery list and making lemon poppyseed bread
Feeling: tired
Bookmarking: Carrot cake recipes -- Attempting this one for Easter
Opening: the sliding back door to let the Corgi out-- still such a novelty to have a fenced in backyard for my dog to play in.
Giggling: most days 
Feeling: peaceful


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