Tuesday, March 10, 2015

a weekend away to Raleigh -- late night chatting and laughing, hair do's with mimosas, sweet potato biscuits at brunch, outlet shopping with dressing room parties, pizza+pajamas+basketball cheering, sunday strollin' with lunch and a coffee date and a little boutique shopping as well.  the sun came out and jackets were left at the house, glorious indeed. the weather as well as the company was exactly what I have been desperately yearning for; a healthy dose of love, friendship, and spring.

filling our time with the best girly things or sitting and chatting, sipping cocktails or coffee-- either way its always wonderful.  comfortable, easy, and loved so deeply-- our friendship spans over almost 30 years, which is wondrous and truly one of the greatest blessings I have ever received.

so thankful for these women and our weekend together.


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  1. Love your blowout! I am seriously regretting chopping all my hair off recently. You look great girl. Please tell me your skinny mini secrets.