a long Easter weekend

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I made my way down to North Carolina, my favorite island, 70 degrees and family for a long Easter weekend.  It was a relaxing and easy visit-- which made it truly wonderful too.  Morning coffee and afternoon salads, my mom always knows the way to my heart.  We also did a little shopping, lots of dog walking, and enjoyed a rather perfect morning at the beach.

I had a nice easy run down the island and a sandy walk back home on the beach-- its easily one of my favorite things to do when I'm home.  Its too beautiful not to run there.

There was pizza and beer and basketball watching and cheering!! Our team this year rocked my socks off!! Still reveling in our National Championship!!

On Easter sunday I joined my parents for a beautiful sunrise service and then home for a delicious lunch with the rest of the family-- it was so nice to all be together this year, minus my husband who was truly missed.  I baked a carrot cake again and it was even better than last years.  I'm proud to say I only ate one{large} slice.  Oh ok, and 1/3 slice of my brothers-- he didn't want all the frosting. WHAATT! so I had to eat it.  But we all seemed to enjoy that carrot and cream cheese loaded slice of heaven.

I was pampered and loved on and hugged tight when I left, there is just nothing like visiting your parents in the house you grew up in, its magical and uplifting.  We are all out of the house now and my parents are doing just fine -- but sitting with our 14 year old dog makes me sad; life keeps on rolling, I need to stop and breathe more; and make the time to drive down to my favorite island and family a bit more.

A full couple of days relaxing and enjoying one anthers company -- all together for the purpose of celebrating our King and redeemer; Persecuted and crucified, for you --for me -- conquering the grave, fulfilling prophecies-- to give us Hope and everlasting Mercy.  Easter meant more to me this year than ever.  Finding faith again and knowing Easter's truest meaning in my heart has been the greatest blessing to me yet this year.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend-- celebrating, eating{carrot cake}, and enjoying the ones you love most.


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  1. This post makes my heart happy for so many reasons. xxoo