chin up, sweet girl

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It has just been one of those weeks.  The kind where you over sleep and then can't sleep -- the kind where you would rather lay in bed to simply pass the day away.  The kind where small mishaps and unkind responses sting more than usual.  When all you are wanting is a little nurture and grace but gravity and everyone else is pulling from all limbs.  When the personal pep talks and small joys last but mer moments -- just not doing their job this time around.  The kind of week where I raised my white flag early on -- feeling defeated, simply letting the ebb and flow carry me through.

We all have weeks, days like this.  It feels good to know I am not alone.

Life is not always easy and it is not always hard.  I have it good too; sitting in my cozy and quiet house with coffee and groceries and a car to drive is proof alone.  But when dealing with everyday things and big things life throws each of us -- some days, these things accumulating into one, leave us feeling sad and small.

Even with all this, I still am hopeful.  I will still clean my house and go to yoga.  And keep on swimming because in the end, these days will become just a memory.  A lesson, "a chin up girl --you can make it" mantra. See, you've done it before.

Going on week three without my best friend, my husband, my partner in crime -- the longest time we've spent apart in our six years of marriage. I'm thankful for that alone, but still, its not easy.  I'm thankful for him, the purpose he gives me, and the life we have created together.  Come home to me soon, I love you.  Champagnes in the fridge.  xx


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