Early Spring

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I must admit, I thought Spring would never truly get here.  But I am so so glad she did.

I love taking photos of the seasons change and even though they are strikingly similar to years past {2013,2014} I just can't help but get out in the backyard and capture the memory of that beautiful daffodil I have been waiting months to see!  Browsing past spring and summer photos helped me muscle through some of these last gray days this winter.  I'm not a cold weather girl.

And I think one of my favorite things about Spring is how quickly it changes.  From one day to the next our backyard, neighborhood, city, changes.  Its amazing to see.

And so, Volume one of this beautiful Spring season -- no restrictions on how many volumes there may be.  Stay tuned!  Flowers make me happy & excited, if you couldn't tell.


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