shamrockin weekend {2015}

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Completely & truly, one of my favorite weekends of the year-- when there's beer before noon, friendly athletic competition with friends, a dance party in the sand, and local fun at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront--you really can't go wrong.

I've ran the Shamrock 8 for the past four years.  A tradition I want to keep for as long as I live here.  This year I ran hard & fast and finally beat my husband{by a lot!}  I ran a PR for this quick 4.9miles and while proud, I am completely inspired to do more; all the half & full marathon runners, I'm envious and excited to be like you!--- that's me next year for sure.

We ran! We drank beer! We danced on the beach! We laughed with friends! It was fun fun fun.

I must give a big hooray! & cheers to one of our best friends David.  He ran the 8k[4.9miles] with us on Saturday, the half-marathon[13.1] on Sunday in enough time to start the full marathon[26.2] that followed.  44.2 miles in two days! 39.3 in one!  Crazy? yes.  Awe-inspiring? absolutely.  Watching him reach the finish line on Sunday was truly great.  So so proud of the athlete and person he is.

And while our good friend ran and exhausted his body --- we ate brunch with bloody's and mimosas, watched basketball and sat by the fire cheering on the half & full marathoners while they crossed the finish.  I loved it, we were right where we belonged.

The weekend also included lots and lots of basketball-- March Madness baby!  and our favorite Irish meal of Guinness, oh I mean corned beef and cabbage ;)

Shamrock weekend is filled to the max with fun -- but not only that, it is the beginning of Spring to me, when everyone brings themselves out of hibernation and shakes off the last bits of winter.  Craving excitement, fun, and community -- the running and the beer are just perks ;)

And a huge thank you!! to my sweetest friend Stephanie and photographer at Honeycutt Photo, for your cheers and capturing us on film crossing the finish & of me kicking serious butt ;)


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