Monday, April 20, 2015

the last few days of just us girls{me & Lucy} -- Saturday brought the first beach trip of the year, complete with a carrot smoothie and a wicked sunburn -- the weather was too perfect not to stay.  Also, its finally here, umbrella weather --the best time of the year in my backyard.  Mornings under it with coffee and chatty phone calls with mom, book reading and iced tea drinking,  grass mowing and beer drinking-- everything is better under that blue umbrella.

And Sunday brought my husband home -- wine, shrimp and steaks on the grill, and dancing to "brown eyed girl" in the kitchen; celebrating his return the best way we know how.  I am so glad to have him home, life is just sweeter with him by my side.  

April couldn't be turning out any lovelier.  


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