best ever banana bread

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baking banana bread-- the entire house engulfed in comforting sweet smells of baking bread coming from the oven has to be one of my favorite smells on earth.

and so a friday off work, on a beautiful carefree morning after a nice five mile run -- I decided to do something with the overly ripe bananas staring at me from our fruit basket.  I hate wasting food, its genetic -- lucky for me, mushy bananas are the star ingredient in this recipe.

once again I used a recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction -- and seeing as half the loaf was devoured by my family literally ten minutes after arriving home, I would say it was delicious and throughly enjoyed.  The banana bread lasted 2 and 1/2 days, and I didn't even get a slice! That's ok though, I  love bringing baked goods to friends and family, it is my love language -- one of many I suppose.  My family's favorite way to enjoy this bread-- is with a generous spread of cream cheese right on top!  And I actually prefer to eat it cold but with hot coffee or tea of course.

My Dad said it was the best banana bread he has ever had -- and that is truly saying something!  So if you have 4 ripe, brown & mushy bananas in your kitchen, I suggest baking them into some bread. You won't regret it!

*the recipe calls for a cream cheese glaze, which I think sounds divine and might try next time-- I just didn't have cream cheese in the fridge.  OH and follow her directions closely-- room temp ingredients and NOT over mixing are truly key when baking. And I used non fat, plain Greek yogurt.


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