just before summer

Friday, May 15, 2015

Day light is lingering and rising earlier -- warming days but with crisp evenings still.  Late Spring.  Anticipation, excitement, the last few weeks before summer are here.

There is fun to be had and weather to bask in -- this season is meant for outdoors! adventure! BBQ's! family and friends! and time away from computers and screens.

Cheers to being present with the people in front of you, clearer minds, and enjoying the moment we've been given!  The impulse to grab my phone any free second and scroll aimlessly is a hard habit to break -- but one that I'm really attempting this summer.

Filling those phone-grabbing urges with more: dog walks, book reading, running, baking, garden playing, spontaneity, napping, yoga, beaching and boating, talks with God and mom and friends.  It should be a wonderful Summer.

What are you looking forward to most this season?  And do you take phone breaks too?  I would love to hear your strategies?


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