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Friday, May 22, 2015

Making: summer lists, summer plans.
Cooking: with herbs from the garden.  That phrase alone gives me a grin.
Drinking: iced coffee, daily
Reading: Summerland -- again.  tis the season for beach novels & rereading! hip hip! 
Wanting: another corgi. But why does everyone say this is a bad idea?!?! 
Looking: through J.Crew/Anthro/Pottery Barn magazines -- dreaming is more like it.  
Playing: Hozier's album, on repeat. 
Wasting: no time when the sun comes up.  When she rises, so do I and I find my most creative, calm, productive self in those hours, it is quite lovely actually.  
Wishing: my girlfriends didn't live so far away 
Enjoying: all the fresh seasonal produce!  Melons, corn, asparagus, tomatoes, berries! be still my heart -- err taste buds?
Waiting: for him to come home -- from work, from travel, always.  But I think it makes our hearts grow fonder and time together sweeter.  
Liking: our spontaneous weekday dinner dates 
Wondering: when will it happen for me? 
Loving: early morning neighborhood runs -- six miles before 9am is a powerful feeling
Hoping: I age as beautifully as my mother -- happy belated birthday to her and her gorgeous legs!
Marveling: at our backyard, our neighborhood -- everything is so lush and green and growing. 
Needing: a new cutting board and another island weekend with mom 
Smelling: fresh cut grass and charcoal grills 
Wearing: boyfriend shorts and t-shirts and flip flops all the time now. 
Following: my intuition, always. 
Noticing: a stronger body
Knowing: His plan is divine 
Thinking: the anticipation for summer is just as sweet as her arrival 
Feeling: peaceful 
Bookmarking: summer grilling recipes
Opening: the patio umbrella and a chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc -- is there nothing better? 
Giggling: with him, so much lately 
Feeling: happy with life and 27 and who I am and where I am at this very moment in time


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