Summer To-Do List || 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Summertime is almost here!  And that makes me happier than a toddler with a popsicle.  This season is always fun -always adventurous- always relaxing and I am eager to dive{or belly flop} head first into it!  A list of things I would like to do, see, learn, or experience during this sunny season!

1. Go to a Norfolk Tides Baseball game

2. Make homemade pasta sauce + meatballs, enjoy with fresh pasta and lots of red wine

3. Pick blueberries & blackberries, bake pies to share and enjoy-- make jam!

4. Buy a food processor -- on the list to make: pesto, hummus, ice cream!

5. Take the boat to the Eastern Shore & explore like tourists.

6. Get our couches and carpets cleaned--pictures & wall hangings hung.

7. Sign up & train for a fall race; this one is calling my name

8. Take a picnic dinner to enjoy on the boat -- sunset watching included

9. Host a backyard BBQ with burgers, beer and fresh watermelon.  With a cornhole tournament too.

10. Have a garage sale!

11. Rent paddle boards and take lessons

Blueberry picking will always and forever land on my Summer To-Do list, to me it is the quintessential summer experience.  And being out on the boat and hosting summer bbq's might be two of my favorite things, ever.

Now someone please get me to a beach and a fruity drink with an umbrella in my hand!? stat.

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