tropical in so many ways || Mexico {part 2}

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

 just like life there are unforeseen storms ahead-- tropical storm bill arrived on saturday to help us celebrate our anniversary.  it made for a romantic & lazy morning and a fun day of trying every tropical and boozy drink on the menu; even dressing up for dinner knowing we would be windblown and drenched, was fun, who cares when you're in Mexico.

day two of storms lead us into Playa Del Carmen -- he was excited and I was scared, typical.  But it was fun and adventurous-- making our way through the touristy shops and streets to the beach and back ending with authentic mexican food for lunch-- margaritas, guacamole, and tacos! this of course was my favorite part.

huddled together under the umbrella, in it together, weathering the storm.  making the most of each moment and phase of life, through sun and rain, blue skies and storm clouds-- we will hold onto each other and make our own way through.  together we adventure and celebrate and together stumble and get back up, how wonderful it is to have each other to hold onto through it all.  ironic how a tropical storm on your vacation can turn into a metaphor -- life is funny like that.


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