july miscellany

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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down on the farm

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

a saturday drive down to his family's farm, in the heart of a small town in North Carolina -- a place surrounded by fields of tobacco, red barns and gravel roads, where seeing our last name on street signs is no surprise.  a day catching up with family, with fried chicken and fresh peach crisp -- sitting underneath the pecan tree, enjoying the rare summer breeze, it was a fun and refreshing day out in the country with family and smiles all around.


grateful this morning.

Friday, July 24, 2015

for july days when the humidity is at bay, leaving us with pleasant summer breezes making evening walks bearable

for peace and patience and joy

for good mail days this week: "just because" flowers left on my door step from the kindest friend & a new kitchen gadget and cook books to inspire

for laughter and easy going weeknights -- oh and delicious homemade turkey meatballs too

for good fishing days and a sunny weekend forecast

for summer escapes and weekend plans-- filling me with anticipation, excitement, and a happy heart

for {finally!}going to the doctor and leaving feeling hopeful

for small joys this week : hot coffee and a good book, mid week matinee with my favorite preteen, evening walks to the neighborhood fig tree, new nail polish{essie blanc}, garden grown tomatoes and basil, and making it to the gym four days in row!


on my table.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

fresh and lovely and in the prettiest blue mason jar.  
from a sweet friend, "just because"-- which I think is truly the best reason of all 



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

summer weekends--with "just because" Saturday morning champagne, afternoon dates with beer & fresh seafood, an early birthday gift for him & a new fishing hat for me, Sunday boat day fishing in the bay with a picnic and lots of catching & releasing, ending the day on the couch with delivery Chinese and falling asleep before the sunsets-- truly the best kind of days.

we obviously love filling our time with relaxation and excitement & lots of times we choose fun over chores -- and while maybe not the best attribute it sure makes for a full life and great memories.  so for now, we're sticking to it.

this weekend also brought with it a sad but realistic epiphany -- its time for us to get back on the healthy eating/getting fit train, for real.  Tis the season for beer & burgers but also bikini's.  We started on monday, after the Chinese food.  :)


taking stock || july

Friday, July 17, 2015

Making : myself go to the gym. summer fun has crept up on me and my thighs 
Cooking : more like grilling-- give me all the grilled meat 
Drinking : rose', preferably sancerre -- so crisp and light and pairs perfectly with summer
Reading : the island by Elin Hilderbrand 
Wanting : to find a really great Birthday gift for Chris this year -- 29 is exciting stuff
Looking: forward to picking blackberries & blueberries and making pies and jam!
Playing: country music || its the soundtrack of summer if you ask me
Wasting: watermelons -- I'm embarrassed to admit I've bought two this summer and have thrown away more than I would care too-- we just don't eat it fast enough 
Wishing: my garden peppers would cooperate and grow already and all the poison ivy would DIE
Enjoying: these precious moments with my husband -- impromptu date nights, fishing together, movie watching with Chinese food, adventuring anywhere -- time with him, doing something or not at all, is still my favorite thing ever, even after all this time.
Waiting: sometimes patiently sometimes not 
Liking: corgi snuggles, july breezes, and these long days of summer 
Wondering: when it will be cool enough to run outside again
Loving: boat days -- they feel like mini vacations 
Hoping: to spend a week at the beach with my family soon-- I miss them terribly.
Marveling: at the magical cure-all powers of margaritas and nachos 
Needing: new rainbow flip-flops --also I need to stop mowing the grass in them, because 
Smelling: like coconuts and aloe or bug spray and sweat #justbeinghonest
Wearing: Chris' grandmothers wedding ring --while mine is being fixed, and thinking I might just wear it all the time
Following: my dreams and ordered a vegetable spiralizer! 
Noticing: all the crape myrtles, so lush and colorful, thriving during the hottest days of the year
Knowing: that this phase is one moment in time -- and one day soon, it will just be a memory 
Thinking: about the weekend. Always. 
Feeling: envious of all you mama's out there
Bookmarking: mountain cabin rentals and spiralizer recipes
Opening: texts from Chris 
Giggling: with girlfriends is THE BEST 
Feeling: a bit out of sorts lately