early july

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a beautiful balance of long full days and lazy afternoons that fade into night.  holidays, vacations, erratic routines -- leaving me feeling free and yet a little manic at times.  all of those blissful things make for a full happy heart and a wider waist line, finding balance as well as my running shoes.

july is our home anniversary-- four years in our little brick ranch; I will gladly stay here four more, or more.  home to me is here in Virginia, this life we're creating on our own -- definitely a very cool and grown up thought.

and so here we are half a year gone, in the blink of an eye it seems-- so much still to look forward to.  summer already in full swing, there are blueberries to pick and beach chairs that need company, grills to light and adventures to be had.  In honor of summer and all her glory I will dare not utter a word about the next season yet, but she's sitting there patiently in the back of my mind, she will be a wonder to see.

a few favorite moments as of late:

+burgers on the grill and fresh cut watermelon
+fireflies and exchanging stories how we caught them as kids
+morning coffee and finishing a book on the couch
+fishing on a friday-- the rest of world working while we were being our selves
+4th of july weekend, in its entirety
+garden tomatoes with garden basil
+all day thunder showers with hard life decisions--what movie to watch & how many egg rolls to get?!
+chats about middle school with my favorite girl
+having time, to be lazy or productive-- the choice alone is pure summer


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