taking stock || july

Friday, July 17, 2015

Making : myself go to the gym. summer fun has crept up on me and my thighs 
Cooking : more like grilling-- give me all the grilled meat 
Drinking : rose', preferably sancerre -- so crisp and light and pairs perfectly with summer
Reading : the island by Elin Hilderbrand 
Wanting : to find a really great Birthday gift for Chris this year -- 29 is exciting stuff
Looking: forward to picking blackberries & blueberries and making pies and jam!
Playing: country music || its the soundtrack of summer if you ask me
Wasting: watermelons -- I'm embarrassed to admit I've bought two this summer and have thrown away more than I would care too-- we just don't eat it fast enough 
Wishing: my garden peppers would cooperate and grow already and all the poison ivy would DIE
Enjoying: these precious moments with my husband -- impromptu date nights, fishing together, movie watching with Chinese food, adventuring anywhere -- time with him, doing something or not at all, is still my favorite thing ever, even after all this time.
Waiting: sometimes patiently sometimes not 
Liking: corgi snuggles, july breezes, and these long days of summer 
Wondering: when it will be cool enough to run outside again
Loving: boat days -- they feel like mini vacations 
Hoping: to spend a week at the beach with my family soon-- I miss them terribly.
Marveling: at the magical cure-all powers of margaritas and nachos 
Needing: new rainbow flip-flops --also I need to stop mowing the grass in them, because 
Smelling: like coconuts and aloe or bug spray and sweat #justbeinghonest
Wearing: Chris' grandmothers wedding ring --while mine is being fixed, and thinking I might just wear it all the time
Following: my dreams and ordered a vegetable spiralizer! 
Noticing: all the crape myrtles, so lush and colorful, thriving during the hottest days of the year
Knowing: that this phase is one moment in time -- and one day soon, it will just be a memory 
Thinking: about the weekend. Always. 
Feeling: envious of all you mama's out there
Bookmarking: mountain cabin rentals and spiralizer recipes
Opening: texts from Chris 
Giggling: with girlfriends is THE BEST 
Feeling: a bit out of sorts lately 


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  1. Ok, two comments in 2 minutes (I was behind on my reading!) but helloooo twin... I've already read 3 Elin Hildebrand books this summer (The Island included!) and have been wanting to pick up a bottle of Sancerre ever since! haha!! xxoo