Tuesday, July 21, 2015

summer weekends--with "just because" Saturday morning champagne, afternoon dates with beer & fresh seafood, an early birthday gift for him & a new fishing hat for me, Sunday boat day fishing in the bay with a picnic and lots of catching & releasing, ending the day on the couch with delivery Chinese and falling asleep before the sunsets-- truly the best kind of days.

we obviously love filling our time with relaxation and excitement & lots of times we choose fun over chores -- and while maybe not the best attribute it sure makes for a full life and great memories.  so for now, we're sticking to it.

this weekend also brought with it a sad but realistic epiphany -- its time for us to get back on the healthy eating/getting fit train, for real.  Tis the season for beer & burgers but also bikini's.  We started on monday, after the Chinese food.  :)


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  1. this is everything good in life! xxoo