august miscellany

Monday, August 31, 2015

my best girl || that weekend feeling || action shot || soaking up every moment || one of each please || morning snuggles || our summer spot || 8 count just for her || spirilizin erryday || late summer sunsets || 

august -- where did you go? these last days of summer came and went in a single moment it seems.   A hard month for us -- lots of worry, vet visits, and tears; a sick dog is a hard reality for any family but the shock and unfair ness is raw -- blindsided, our poor girl is only six.  And so August was spent snuggling and dog loving -- a hurting heart took up most of the space in my mind -- not much in the world of inspiration other than photos of our dog.  totally understandable, right?

I'm still hopeful-- and looking forward to enjoying late summer and the cool early days of autumn.  


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