island time

Thursday, August 6, 2015

a few glorious summer days spent at my island home last week, and as always it was filled with all the best things

+morning beach walks before the crowds came
+lunch and shopping, just like old times
+bike rides to the point and back again
+ice cream at the sweet spot
+beach afternoon, to feel like a tourist
+mom made dinners
+lazying, snacking, reading, in the comfort of my parents home, no feeling quite like it
+each and every sweet moment with my mom, it does us both good
+dinners with just 3 or 4 or 6 of us -- seems like we're always missing someone from the table, when did we all decide to grow up? but big families, I love them so
+coconut cake

it happens every single time I return -- the nostalgia, it hits me hard and this visit was certainly no different.  I love this island and am grateful for these visits where I always get a happy dose of hometown goodness.


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  1. Such a sweet home!! And coconut cake...YUMMMMMM!