Lucy is the boss in this house

Thursday, August 20, 2015

For now we are doing lots of this-- snuggling, cuddling, loving on our sweet girl.  She actually might like being sick with all the attention and SNACKS she is getting.  What my girl wants, she gets.  Still unsure what is exactly causing her decline -- with the option of more tests, biopsy's, surgery, hospitalization being the only route to go down with not much hope at the end of the tunnel -- Lucy said she is perfectly happy on her couch with her snacks and doesn't want to go to that stinky hospital and be poked and prodded anymore, thank you very much.  Thats my girl, sweet and sassy till the end.

So that is where we are right now-- resting, loving, savoring.  She gets nice amounts of cheese and deli meat with her daily dose of medicines and there is NO question any more about where she sleeps at night-- in bed with us, duh.

It goes without saying how devastated and deeply saddened we are; life sometimes sucks.  Our hope and prayer is the medicine keeps her strong and stable and her blood cell count rises, which would be wonderful and give us time with her a little while longer.  Fingers crossed, prayers, good vibes, forest dancing?!  we will happily take any of it if it helps.

Thank you again for your love and understanding and caring to wonder how our sweet pup is doing. She is currently curled up in the corner but keeping her eye on me, she knows its morning medicine time, aka--cheese & meat!

And thank you for giving me time and space; I try not to but my instinct is to retreat and wallow alone building up a nice tall brick wall to hide behind, not a healthy coping strategy and one I'm working on, slowly.  So I do hope to still be in this space; sharing & writing, its an outlet, a memory book of sorts for me, and I hope to always try and keep it going with whichever road our life goes down.

Love and thanks and a little nub wag to you all --- its time for ham and cheese.

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  1. my heart goes out to you, definitely praying. there's nothing quite like dogs. xxoo, cait