in the kitchen {september}

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I love to cook. This happens to work well because I also love to eat. And while I have a healthy amount of tried and true winners, I also really like to try new recipes. Thankfully I have a brave, non-picky husband who loves to eat too.  

Here are a few of the recipes I made and devoured this month. 
 Sweet Potato skillet with bacon and zucchini -- so good.  Comforting, warm, and semi-healthy.  Next time, more eggs less bacon.  I know I know, but it was a tad bit of a greasy mess. Also, hot sauce is a must.
 Ranch pork chops and veggies-- our favorite! Easy, fast, and so delicious.  I make a sweet potato for myself because I'm obsessed with them -- but for a man, there is nothing quite like meat and potatoes, or so I'm told.
Honey Garlic Chicken and veggies -- Another winner!  These "one-pan" dinners are awesome.  And the broccoli, ohhh myy yessss. [hands raised emoji!]
Spaghetti sauce -- always on the hunt for the best meat to sauce to veggie ratio-- also what fits into my pot.  But I think I may have found the winner this time around.  My favorite part, the white wine and garlic smell-- nothing quite as heavenly?  Poured on top of spirlized zucchini noodles and toped with parmesan cheese. A hug in a bowl if you ask me.
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread -- given straight away to friends because I cannot have this in my house.  So yeah, this bread is pretty good.

What have you been making in your kitchen lately?  Any favorite recipes for this wonderful Autumn season that is upon us?  I would love to hear.


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  1. Yum!!! These all look amazing!! We have been using the Fresh20 for our meals, saves time on meal planning! I really want to try those pork chops though!