october miscellany

Friday, October 30, 2015

porches are for pumpkins and posing || the best pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, ever. || her happy face || forever home || honeycrisp season || a weekend getaway with them is the best kind || our halloween decor || filler' up! || all the plaid, all the time || the best weather and day to ride || october blue and autumn yellow || a new tradition I am sure || and all of a sudden, fall || 



halloween bark

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I had to.  The halloween aisle got me good.

This is my ode to all the sugar, chocolate, and candy that will be consumed the next few days!

Adapted from this recipe -- there are so many ways to create your own favorite version, unlimited possibilities thanks to the amazingness that is candy during this holiday.

We're definitely getting in the spirit around here! Also, how old is too old to dress up for Halloween?  please advise ;)



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October doesn't have enough weekends if you ask me, neither does November or December.  These months, my favorite ones, dance by in almost a blink.  I want to savor and cherish each moment-- And so a little adventuring and relaxing happened on this quick October weekend.

A few favorites
+ Pork chops with garlic and red wine with roasted butternut squash fries
+ helmets and jackets and a motorcycle ride -- to see what we could see, no direction but just to go
+ Saturday lunch -- burger, beer, fries!
+ Porch pumpkins and posing, a must this time of year
+ Leaves changing and falling, finally it seems.
+ all the plaid, tis the season.  
+ Sunday dinner, sausage and kale soup, just a simmering
+ pre-birthday shopping,  wish list creating -- this coat would be lovely for winter {hint hint, husband}
+ football on and a dog in my lap, cozy.

-- alone this week, he travels and I make soup. and then ready for another quick autumn weekend to savor and enjoy and celebrate just because.  


lessons, lately

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Podcasts!  listen while folding laundry, driving to work or the grocery store{same thing?}, while dusting.  This new discovery is perfect for me -- helping to pause my anxious mind, making mundane tasks seem a little less so, and keep me company on those long drives to North Carolina or work. [currently listening to: UNDISCLOSED]

If it doesn't feel right, it usually isn't.

Light that candle if only to dress for work, buy the flowers if only to last days, splurge on the fall coat, it is 30 percent off after all -- sometimes these small comforts, if to only last mer moments, can make all the difference.

Keep a red and a white and a bubbly in the house, just in case.

Make the phone call. Put in the effort. Put yourself out there. Smile. Trade insecurity for confidence.  So hard at times, especially for an introvert, but in the end the worth is magic.

Go to the spin class, run that extra mile, and have that pumpkin chocolate chip cookie -- its all about balance.  A new mantra, I suppose.

Never underestimate the power of : calling your mom, warm clean sheets, a new bra, going to bed early, fresh air, or chips and salsa.

If your husband wants to take you out to dinner, let him.

Starting your own family is a journey and everyone's journey is beautiful and unique.  And ours may not be turning our exactly how I had imagined or expected, but there is a purpose in it of that I'm sure.  Learning to combat the envy and impatience with faith and hope.  But the frustration is pure and raw and completely understandable, right?


a backyard wedding

Monday, October 19, 2015

We went to a wedding on Saturday night -- well, sorta.  Our neighbors hosted a wedding reception in their backyard and with our fence as the backdrop we were able to conspicuously attend errr spy on their celebration!  It was truly beautiful-- the perfect October weather and day for a wedding and backyard reception.  Twinkle lights strung over the fence and porches, a small fire pit to keep warm and give the aroma of fall, the smell of campfire and roasting marshmallows-- candles and white table cloths and a small outdoor dance floor completed this rustic and seasonal occasion.

With windows opened we listened and watched their first dance, swaying a bit ourselves to the romantic scene.  We also did a little cupid shuffling and thriller dancing in our kitchen-- because that is what you do when those catchy beats come on.

We did tease about showing up unannounced in our pajamas with a bottle of champagne or letting Lucy out in the backyard so she could give the newlyweds a barking congratulations!  But we reserved ourselves, although difficult-- Lucy really wanted to join the celebrating.

A wedding always makes my heart fill up with joy-- but being able to observe the love, celebration, and fun from our couch, in our sweats, eating pizza was definitely the best ever.



baking season

Friday, October 16, 2015

Its here! Baking season.  A time for full cupboards, extra sticks of butter, chocolate morsels and pumpkin puree!  Sweet casseroles, sugar in every form, glorious spices, & buttermilk, because who really keeps that in their fridge on the reg?! I bake more in the cooler months than I do the rest of the year -- baking a batch of cookies or bread and giving it away gives me all the feels -- its my love language.  A warm kitchen, flour dusted counters and cheeks, a sink full of measuring cups, a desperate corgi waiting for anything to fall, and that delicious happy smell wafting through the house -- quite a picturesque scene I would say.  Heart eyes for sure.

Coinciding with my love of baking is the desire to still try to fit in my skinny jeans, so really I say thank you; thank you for taking these treats off my hands and out of my house.  

This year I started my baking season in September, with pumpkin chocolate chip bread and haven't looked back since.

As of late --

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies -- 2 batches successfully made and given away! I only ate four{ish}  The key to the perfect cookie?  Adding extra chocolate chips to the top while just out of the oven! 
 Pumpkin Spice Truffles-- oohhhh man.  Pumpkin, spices, cream cheese, grahams, chocolate! Make these, thats all I have to say.  Also, don't make me choose -- white chocolate or dark, both favorites.
 JalapeƱo Cornbread muffins -- from scratch!  paired with a steaming bowl of chili is truly the perfect fall meal to me.

Did you notice? all my baking recipes normally come from here!  Check her out if you haven't already.  And with that I'm out to run off those truffles/cookies I devoured last weekend.  hashtag worth it.

What are your favorite things to bake during these cooler months?  Any tips, secret ingredients, or tasty treats I must try?!


to pick a pumpkin

Thursday, October 15, 2015

or 3.  I just couldn't help myself.  Nothing quite like loading up on autumns bounty on a warm October day --although I think the wagon had something to do with it.  Like a kid in a candy store -- or pumpkin patch.