a backyard wedding

Monday, October 19, 2015

We went to a wedding on Saturday night -- well, sorta.  Our neighbors hosted a wedding reception in their backyard and with our fence as the backdrop we were able to conspicuously attend errr spy on their celebration!  It was truly beautiful-- the perfect October weather and day for a wedding and backyard reception.  Twinkle lights strung over the fence and porches, a small fire pit to keep warm and give the aroma of fall, the smell of campfire and roasting marshmallows-- candles and white table cloths and a small outdoor dance floor completed this rustic and seasonal occasion.

With windows opened we listened and watched their first dance, swaying a bit ourselves to the romantic scene.  We also did a little cupid shuffling and thriller dancing in our kitchen-- because that is what you do when those catchy beats come on.

We did tease about showing up unannounced in our pajamas with a bottle of champagne or letting Lucy out in the backyard so she could give the newlyweds a barking congratulations!  But we reserved ourselves, although difficult-- Lucy really wanted to join the celebrating.

A wedding always makes my heart fill up with joy-- but being able to observe the love, celebration, and fun from our couch, in our sweats, eating pizza was definitely the best ever.



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  1. This is absolutely adorable. My heart is melting!