here and there, and back again

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a whirlwind of a few days -- five quick and smashed together, but full with the perfect amount of away.  Virginia then down to the beach in North Carolina, onto the hills of Raleigh, and back to the beach and then home again, Virginia.  The days prepping to go out of town are quite possibly my favorite -- the anticipation, the baking, the packing, all good fun for the over-planner in me.  And yet, the actual away, is even better.  The time with family and my beach view, the sounds of a full house and homemade meals, -- then dinner, drinks, best friends talking, listening, loving, and repeat.  And home again-- to my husband, my own lumpy bed, with the new chill in the air and October in full bloom.  Its all my favorite I think.


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  1. That little bundle of fall is sooooooo cute! I am going to have to store that idea!