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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Podcasts!  listen while folding laundry, driving to work or the grocery store{same thing?}, while dusting.  This new discovery is perfect for me -- helping to pause my anxious mind, making mundane tasks seem a little less so, and keep me company on those long drives to North Carolina or work. [currently listening to: UNDISCLOSED]

If it doesn't feel right, it usually isn't.

Light that candle if only to dress for work, buy the flowers if only to last days, splurge on the fall coat, it is 30 percent off after all -- sometimes these small comforts, if to only last mer moments, can make all the difference.

Keep a red and a white and a bubbly in the house, just in case.

Make the phone call. Put in the effort. Put yourself out there. Smile. Trade insecurity for confidence.  So hard at times, especially for an introvert, but in the end the worth is magic.

Go to the spin class, run that extra mile, and have that pumpkin chocolate chip cookie -- its all about balance.  A new mantra, I suppose.

Never underestimate the power of : calling your mom, warm clean sheets, a new bra, going to bed early, fresh air, or chips and salsa.

If your husband wants to take you out to dinner, let him.

Starting your own family is a journey and everyone's journey is beautiful and unique.  And ours may not be turning our exactly how I had imagined or expected, but there is a purpose in it of that I'm sure.  Learning to combat the envy and impatience with faith and hope.  But the frustration is pure and raw and completely understandable, right?


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