Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October doesn't have enough weekends if you ask me, neither does November or December.  These months, my favorite ones, dance by in almost a blink.  I want to savor and cherish each moment-- And so a little adventuring and relaxing happened on this quick October weekend.

A few favorites
+ Pork chops with garlic and red wine with roasted butternut squash fries
+ helmets and jackets and a motorcycle ride -- to see what we could see, no direction but just to go
+ Saturday lunch -- burger, beer, fries!
+ Porch pumpkins and posing, a must this time of year
+ Leaves changing and falling, finally it seems.
+ all the plaid, tis the season.  
+ Sunday dinner, sausage and kale soup, just a simmering
+ pre-birthday shopping,  wish list creating -- this coat would be lovely for winter {hint hint, husband}
+ football on and a dog in my lap, cozy.

-- alone this week, he travels and I make soup. and then ready for another quick autumn weekend to savor and enjoy and celebrate just because.  


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  1. This whole post made me feel so cozy!! Oh I wish CA would cool down just a bit! I have a J Crew winter jacket I purchased YEARRRRRRRRS ago and I still wear it, they are so timeless and worth every penny! Give sweet Lucy a big kiss from me!