island thanksgiving || 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

a few favorite moments from our thanksgiving holiday:

+ flip flops and plaid, and a day almost too warm for oysters, almost.
+ a run to the point and back again, a proud running moment for me
+ 70 degrees and family
+ turkey and stuffing and all the best sides, on turkey plates of course
+ fishing on the boat and at the pier -- a boys day
+ leftover turkey on top of salads with fresh tomatoes and olive oil
+ parrots and palm leaves on short sleeve shirts along with Christmas trees for sale
+ up early with the best sunrise and a box of donuts
+ 30th birthday celebrations -- surprises are the best
+ flotillas and holiday parades and football on the tv
+cheers-ing with friends, to life and fun and adventuring together
+ a healthy dose of fireplace sitting, even in flip flops
+ a full house and belly and heart, a happy thanksgiving holiday indeed.


November miscellany

November is for birthdays || autumns bursts of fire || whole || birthday celebrating:week one || pink roses to celebrate 28 || Sunday fun day || island kids || thanksgiving prep -- dessert! || his favorite season || black friday || sunrises here compare to no others || "please give me more turkey" || an unseasonably lovely thanksgiving || surfers and dolphins and fishermen -- the best kind of island life ||

november, a month full! of birthdays and holidays and celebrating galore.  thankful over and over again; for this life, the fun and surprising moments and the quite ones in between. and so the pumpkins are tossed and twinkle lights await a tree.  the season of magic is upon us.



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

things I want to remember :

how it feels to buy yourself beautiful flowers. matching with him, always plaid. the first sip of birthday champagne.  corgi barks, to greet me home. dream talking-of travel and adventure and who our babies will look like. waking up to, "good morning birthday girl".  the most genuine and flattering  compliment-from a stranger.  fancy water, fancy steak, fancy night out with my guy & chocolate cake.  all the birthday wishes-- cards, texts, calls -- made my heart swell.  peppermint coffee.  the golden hour, greeting the sun and watching her fade.  how it felt to turn 28.



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

celebratory and indulgent mixed with a little lazy and a bit of fun, a weekend to remember -- Birthday week{s} has officially commenced!

+ a day with him, he took me shopping and a fancy dinner out! early birthday celebrating is the best kind
+ dressing up, him in a sport coat -- me in fancy berry lips, I love how we go so well together
+ flowers for the table and sausage and grits for breakfast
+ a bounce house! for my favorite girl turning 12! November babes with birth stone necklaces to celebrate
+ homemade thai food on a friday,  I'm told it has offically ruined his takeout place, success!
+steak bone leftovers & a new winter coat -- HA, I KNOW.  But she's thinner and didn't seem to mind too terribly.
+pumpkins on the porch, fireplace envy, a frosty morning, and burning the last autumn scented candles
+ Trader Joes has officially undone me
+putting off chores and lists a little more, snuggling and snacking was the better choice for our Sunday