island thanksgiving || 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

a few favorite moments from our thanksgiving holiday:

+ flip flops and plaid, and a day almost too warm for oysters, almost.
+ a run to the point and back again, a proud running moment for me
+ 70 degrees and family
+ turkey and stuffing and all the best sides, on turkey plates of course
+ fishing on the boat and at the pier -- a boys day
+ leftover turkey on top of salads with fresh tomatoes and olive oil
+ parrots and palm leaves on short sleeve shirts along with Christmas trees for sale
+ up early with the best sunrise and a box of donuts
+ 30th birthday celebrations -- surprises are the best
+ flotillas and holiday parades and football on the tv
+cheers-ing with friends, to life and fun and adventuring together
+ a healthy dose of fireplace sitting, even in flip flops
+ a full house and belly and heart, a happy thanksgiving holiday indeed.


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  1. as always lovely, sensitive photos. I enjoy your sharing of your life through the lens of your camera